OFFICIAL Children of a Broken Sky launch date!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The peasants called it "The Storm."

On a cold autumn morning seven years ago, the sky exploded with silent lightning.  In its wake, everything changed. 

Now the sun rises in the south, if it rises at all.  Animals go mad.  Crops ripen and die overnight.  The Church - a body of miracle-workers who can heal the sick and walk through fire - warns that God's final judgment is at hand. 

The world will soon end.

Now, stories tell of men that speak with beasts and peasants who work their own miracles.  The Church decries these heretics, hunting them like animals and demanding the same of the faithful. 

In a remote village, a small group of childhood friends are caught in the crossfire.  Accused of heresy by the Church and sentenced to death, they escape their village as it burns behind them.

But some may find hope.

Their church hunts them.  A cursed world assails them.  To survive, one of them will learn the true meaning of her beliefs; another, that some portents can be deceiving.  But only one revelation has a chance to save them:

That they are not forsaken.  They have each other.

Bestselling Kindle Suspense author Adam J. Nicolai invites you to a land beneath a broken sky, where sorceries clash with miracles, mountains are crowned with lightning, and faith - true faith - can topple empires.

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013