Minnesota Businessman Thinks Gays Are Normal People, Don't Deserve All This Bullshit

I keep seeing headlines like this one.  They get posted on Facebook or wherever, and I see one after the other after the other.

The thing is, I think these people are in the minority.  Most people I know don't want to abolish gay people.  Most of them don't spend a lot of time contriving a delicate balance between "loving the sinner" and "hating the sin."  Most of them don't even think homosexuality is a sin - in fact, quite a few of them don't treat a given person any differently regardless of what they do in their bedroom.  But it seems like these "normal" people never get these headlines. 

So I wanted to make a headline (and accompanying article) that reflects my experience.

Minnesota Businessman Thinks Gays Are Normal People, Don't Deserve All This Bullshit

Adam J Nicolai, Minnesota author and owner of two small businesses, is a normal guy who doesn't care whether people are gay or not.  He thinks they should be allowed to go to prom, marry their loved ones, have children, work jobs, and generally just be normal, participating members of society.  When asked, Mr. Nicolai responded to a reporter that he believes gay people are just people.

Mr. Nicolai has family members, friends, and coworkers who are gay and, according to his own words, at least one "close" friend who is transsexual.  He himself is a straight man who has been married to the same woman for sixteen years.  They have two normal, healthy children.  Strangely, his willingness to befriend GLBT individuals and advocate for their rights has not damaged his marriage, his relationship with his wife, or his ability to raise his children in a moral fashion. 

As of press time, he believed the prevalence of fully automatic assault weapons was more dangerous to children than gays.

Upon further investigation, To Write has learned that Mr. Nicolai does not even believe in God, which makes it difficult for him to condemn people for their sins.  "Are they hurting anyone?  No?  Then why would I care?"

He wishes contributing to gay-rights organizations wasn't necessary, and that everyone would just "grow up and act like adults," but, he says, GLBT individuals have to put up with "a lot of bullshit" and they need his support.  "No, I'm not gay - but what if my son was?  What if my daughter was?  I don't want my kids growing up in an environment where it's okay to ostracize and ridicule people because they are different.  This lady in Indiana who thinks gays have no purpose in life and shouldn't be allowed to come to prom... she shouldn't be allowed to set the tone at a school.  It's poisonous.  It has to be stopped."

He pauses to consider this further.

"Actually, wait a second.  You're telling me all the bigots want to withdraw and go off to do their own thing?  Are they willing to leave the school altogether, instead of just having their own little prom?  That might work out nicely.  Then maybe they could leave all the normal people to live their lives in peace."