Dear Readers....

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll have already read most of this.  Apologies in advance.  I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that when it comes to marketing, I have no idea what I'm doing

That said, here I am, hat in hand.  I have three huge favors to ask. If you did any one of them, you'd be doing me a solid.

Rebecca, my second novel, will be available on Amazon on Tuesday.  It'll be five bucks for the Kindle version.  If you're thinking about buying it, it would sure help me if you bought it on Tuesday. : ) Since I'm an independent author, Amazon won't let me set up pre-orders, but the bigger the "punch" I can make that day, the more momentum I'll get, and the better overall sales for the month will be.

I also can't overstate the importance of Amazon reviews. If you like the book and would consider posting a review, it would really, really help me. The success I had with Alex was due in large part to all the wonderful (and legitimate!) reviews I received. Unlike some authors and publishing houses, I do not pay for reviews - I only accept legitimate ones.

Finally, if you liked Alex and told your friends about it, let 'em know this new one is coming. 
I haven't had much time to focus on traditional marketing yet, and that leaves me relying heavily on word of mouth.  I've made a post very similar to this one on my Facebook page, and if you'd prefer to follow me on FB and then just share that post, that would certainly work as well. 

I hate making posts like this one, because I generally hate reading them. :) You're not going to see another one like it for awhile.

Thank you so much for following me so far.  I appreciate all of you more than you'll ever know.