Rebecca Will Be Available January 8th, 2013

A lot of you probably already knew that, but I'm posting it as my blog post title so that it shows up prominently in all the primary places where my blog posts are linked.  Aren't I sneaky?  I'll get the hang of this whole marketing thing yet.

I'll be publishing Rebecca through KDP Select, meaning Amazon Prime members will be able to borrow it for free on day one.  That also means the e-book version will be available exclusively through Amazon for at least three months (probably longer).

I can't promise the paperback will be available on January 8th, but I will be working to get it out there as quickly as possible.  Targeting no later than EOM January. (That's "end of month" for you non-project management types.  Which is probably most of you.)

Beta reader feedback is coming back and by and large it has been pretty positive.  This is definitely a different book, but you'll be able to tell who wrote it.

Clock is ticking...