A Big Deal

I've got some big updates.

First, I'm going to be incorporating an LLC to do all my writing business through.  I'm tentatively planning on calling it "Lone Road Publishing."  Pretty much every book I publish from here on out (barring a zillion dollar advance offer from some giant publishing house) will be published under Lone Road.  This is exciting because it lends an air of legitimacy to this whole endeavor that I really appreciate.  It's gonna have a standalone bank account.  The whole enchilada.  Pretty exciting.  : )

Second, I have a final schedule and release plan for both Rebecca and Children.  My original plan, to release them both at once, is right out, but they will be coming out within four months of each other.

Why do I sound so confident you ask?  Just trust me, this is a plan I will be sticking to, at least as hard as any big publishing house would be sticking to theirs.  This isn't just me shooting in the dark; it's a bona fide RELEASE SCHEDULE.  Trust me.  I have spreadsheets and everything.

So, here's how it'll play out:

Rebecca will be released late December 2012 / early January 2013.  The rough draft will be done by the end of October.

Children will be released late April 2013. 

I had really hoped to get Rebecca out earlier, but it just isn't going to happen that way.  I was too excited watching Alex develop, and didn't have the mental fortitude to put time into Rebecca in the volumes I needed to.  This schedule is an honest assessment of how much I can write each week, and I'll be able to keep it.  Wish it could be quicker... but at least it's honest.

I'm really psyched about being able to put Children out so quickly after it though.

That's it for now - time to put chilluns to bed!