Quick Update

Hit the 20,000 word mark on Rebecca tonight, which puts me at roughly 25% on the first draft.  It's not coming along as quickly as I'd like, but for how complicated a story it is compared to Alex, and how little time I have to write, I'm still happy with the progress.  It's weird trying to get into the head of this character.  She is not as easy to write as Ian was, because of how different she is from me.  It's an exercise in empathy.  Hopefully it's panning out.

In other news, I posted another free promotion day for Alex today.  So far I'm at #265 in the overall Kindle Store, #3 in Ghost Horror, #11 in Horror, #12 in Suspense, and other numbers as well.  I wasn't expecting numbers that strong.  We'll see if it translates to another bump in sales afterwards.