So Here's The Thing

Marriage is about love.  Yeah, occasionally people get married for other reasons, but in our society, the average person is going to say marriage is about love.  Certainly the homosexual couples I know would say that.

Now, there are plenty of other reasons to want to be married: financial advantage and the ability to speak for one another in legal and health matters come immediately to mind.  But even those stem off of the love and trust that a couple needs to possess in order to make them tenable. 

People - particularly Americans - don't like being told that their love for someone will not be recognized.  They dislike being told that their love is invalid even more.

If someone told me that my love for my wife was invalid, sinful, and would get me sent to hell - that they will do everything in their power to make sure my love for my wife was unrecognized by the country I live in and will fight every effort I make to speak out - it would galvanize me to action like few other things in this world have the power to do.  My love for my wife and my family is the truest and most intense passion I have.  When I see other people - people I am related to, people I've been lifelong friends with, people I respect - given this treatment, it makes me want to fight on their behalf.

Let's cut the BS.  This has nothing to do with religion.  It has nothing to do with "preservation of marriage."  It's really easy.

One position is about hate.  One position is about love.

How am I voting in November?  That's easy.

I'm pro-love.

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