Started looking at getting Alex on the NOOK last night.  (Yes, it's NOOK, not Nook.  One of those inexplicable branding decisions, IMO.  If you're the world's largest bookseller, wouldn't you want to demonstrate your proper grasp of capitalization rules?  But I digress.)  The Barnes & Noble website promises that you can upload your .doc file.  "Sweet," said I.  "I have a .doc file."

I uploaded it, previewed it, and saw that there were no page breaks in the document whatsover. 

So I downloaded the Nook equivalent of Kindle for PC, hunted down my local copy of the Alex.epub file, and viewed that.  Again, no page breaks.

I've since read in more than one place that Word page breaks don't translate properly into NOOK, so you have to convert them all into section breaks.  But that might not work, so you might have to convert the book into a Kindle .prc format (using MobiPocket), then into .epub format (using Calibre).  But that might not work either, so you might have to... I don't know, sacrifice a goat and bay at the moon.

I'll be diving into this process this weekend.  I'll let you know which process works for me.

In other news, I am up to 8 Amazon reviews as of this moment.  Just got one that meant a lot to read.  It was from "Ben," and included the sentence: "Being a father myself, I don't believe the protagonist could have felt more real."

This was such a vindication to read.  As an author I second-guess absolutely everything about my work, but Ian's anger and his constant lashing out at the people around him worried me (and several of my beta readers commented on it).  Would it make the character too unsympathetic?  Ultimately, I decided it didn't matter: I was writing the character the way I saw him, no matter how angry that might be.  I wanted it to be true, I wanted it to be real.  Now I know that I wasn't the only one who thought I got it right.  Thanks, Ben.

That's a good note to end on, but I gotta mention one more thing:

I'm gonna be on the radio!

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