Child's Play

I've been meaning to contribute to Child's Play for years.

My wife and I contribute monthly to Action Against Hunger and, of course, MPR, plus whatever charities are decent enough to solicit us by mail instead of calling the house repeatedly during dinner and treating like us debtors.  But Child's Play is something special.  It's a charity run by gamers, giving the gift of escape to sick children who desperately need some escape.  For a life-long gamer like myself, the idea has always stuck me right in the heart.  I mean, imagine being stuck at the hospital, staring at the walls, forced to do nothing but think about your situation and endure the constant dread.  Especially as a child.  It's great to research cures and feed children; that absolutely needs to be done.  But CP appeals to me because it's not about base survival, it's about enjoying life.  It's about giving these kids what they want, not just what they need. 

So, it's long overdue, but I've decided to contribute this year by donating half my net royalties from Alex through the end of January to CP.  I picked January instead of December because as Tycho is always saying, CP accepts contributions year-round, and I like the idea of trying to get ahead of the curve a bit.  I also like the idea of a product like Alex, which is so heavily focused on the idea of a father's love for his child, generating revenue for an organic charity like CP.  When all is said and done, I'll post back here with how much I managed to get together.  Wish me luck.

In other news, early access for TOR started today for the earliest pre-orders.  Since 7:00 AM this morning, when I first got the announcement email driving on my way to work, I've managed to make level two!

.... Sometimes having a life sucks.

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