Ramping up

I've got quite a list of volunteers going who apparently want a free copy of Alex.  : P  Either that, or they're just willing to help me get a solid bed of reviews running, which I really appreciate.

The website is pretty much done, and the domain name is ready.  I'm not going to make the address "public" yet, simply because I want to launch everything at once.  Not that I have legions of adoring fans, but what can I say... I just want to do it right.  The site is not gorgeous, but hopefully it gets the job done.  I don't have the big bucks for a huge, professional site, nor the time to develop one myself, so it is what it is.  I'm happy with it, though I feel incredibly conceited talking about myself in the third person so much. 

A good friend of mine looked into some options for the cover last weekend; hopefully, we will be getting together sometime this coming weekend to finish getting that together.

And the number of structural revisions I have left is - still where it was.  Crap, I better get cracking on that. 

But not this weekend!  I got an invite to the SW:TOR beta!  That was terribly thrilling until I went to install it and was accosted with a pop-up window which said it was incompatible with my version of Windows.  That would be XP 64-bit, for those who may be curious.  I at least I found out beforehand, but man, how annoying.  XP 64 has been nothing but a headache.  Software is constantly screwing up or un-installable.  Hopefully 7-64 doesn't have the same issues.  I am installing the TOR client on a laptop we have, running 7-64, right now, and it seems to be conducting itself admirably.  Further bulletins as events warrant. 

Holy crap, it's 12:15 am.  I need to get to bed.