Reasons why this week kicks ass

1.  I started writing again.  I've shot up to 60,500 words, or 75% of the goal word count.  I feel like I've really got momentum.  Now the trick is to keep it.  I want to finish.  I want to say, "I've got a book on Kindle," instead of, "I'll be Kindle-publishing a book this year." 
2.  I started a biking/lifting routine in May.  So far I've lost 15 pounds and actually learned how to eat without ordering pizza.  Did you know if you eat a banana and an apple, you'll actually get full?  It's amazing, but true.  You don't need to stuff your face with bismarcks and fried cheese in order to stop being hungry. 
3.  My wife and I had our 14th anniversary yesterday.  Don't tell anyone, but I have a little surprise for her tomorrow night.  Sadly, doing something celebratory on a Wednesday night, when everyone doesn't get done with their workouts until nearly 8pm and the kids have school the next morning, is pretty much impossible.
4.  We're playing D&D again on Saturday, after almost two months off.  I'm going to celebrate by killing a PC.  Mwa haha.

So - why the hell has it been so long since my last post?  Tons of reasons, most of them family-related, which I can't go into on a public blog.  I don't think I had written a word on Alex - prior to this week - since my last post in May.  That's changing, finally - but man, what I wouldn't give for more hours in the day.